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You can have the Best of Both Worlds!

As an independent Mortgage Associate, we work hard on your home loan to get you the best term, package and rate at no cost to you!

We can shop for your best mortgage options including placing your mortgage with a trusted Chartered Bank or Credit Union. 

Mortgage Loans Alberta is proud to feature mortgages from many Canadian lenders including Alberta’s largest credit union – Servus.  Servus Credit Union is a member-owned and community based financial institution that has been serving Albertans since 1938. 

Servus Credit Union continues to grow with almost 400,000 members and is committed to providing services in  socially responsible and ethical manner.

Servus Credit Union offers fixed rate mortgages and variable rate mortgages.  They offer competitive rates on conventional mortgages (where your down payment equals at least 20% of the home purchase price – so you don’t need high ratio insurance from Genworth or CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation). 

They also offer high ratio mortgages if your down payment is less that 20%.  You may also be able to withdraw up to $25,000 from your RRSPs to use as a down payment for your home.

Looking to buy a new home? 

Servus offers a builder mortgages for the construction period of your new home with a prepared mortgage upon closing.   They also offer a flexible mortgage and the ability to borrow back some of the equity in your home to pay for big expenses, home renovations, education and more.



Is a Servus mortgage the best choice for you?

 Call Jim Black and his team.  We work for you – not the lenders – to find you the best terms and conditions for your home loan needs. 

We will go through your finances with you and discuss your current situation, view your credit report and learn your future financial goals. 

You then fill out one simple mortgage application and we can shop it with Servus Credit Union and other lenders all across Canada to find you the best deal.  

After all, the best mortgage product involves more than just the interest rate.  We will look at the terms, conditions, flexibility, payment schedules, penalties and more to determine which mortgage products are most suitable for your needs. 

We make mortgages easy so you don’t have to worry about approaching multiple lenders and all the fine print.

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As a mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres, we often have access to – or are aware of special lending products that may not be offered to retail customers. 

Let us find you the best deal on a Servus mortgage or other home loan.  We may be able to save you thousands – all at no cost to you! 

We can also help you if your bank turned you down. 

We are the hard to place mortgage experts for people with bruised credit, self employed, new to Canada or divorced.

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Trust the experience and non-biased, expert advice of Alberta mortgage expert Jim Black.  We want to be your mortgage broker for life!  Call us today for a free and confidential evaluation.