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We Work Hard to find you a Lender

Banks turned you down? Each lender has their own criteria and sometimes your needs won’t match theirs.

With Mortgage Loans Alberta, we have access to hundreds of lending products across Canada from banks, credit unions, finance companies, trust companies and even private lenders.


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Self Employed Mortgage

Most credit applications and mortgages are geared towards those employed in a job or career. Entrepreneurs who are self-employed often have difficulty obtaining mortgage financing.

are options and we can help you when you fill out our online application – or we can come to you to help you with the paperwork.

We have access to many lenders and know the ones who understand the needs of the self-employed and consequently evaluate the applications on different lending criteria. You deserve a home of your own and we can help you get started.

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Divorce Mortgage

If you are going through a divorce, you may be looking to change accommodations and get a home of your own, or you may want to take over your current home. With only one borrower, some questions on income and debts, many banks make it difficult for the newly divorced to obtain a loan.

We help you understand what guidelines need to be met and what options you have.  We will get your paperwork in order and shop your mortgage to banks and lenders all across Canada. You fill out one application, and we do the rest. Call us to get started on your new chapter in life in your new home! Learn more about Divorce Mortgages Alberta.


no money down mortgage in Alberta, Canada

No Money Down Mortgage

Since 2010, banks no longer offer no money down mortgages in Canada. The option of zero down is no longer available, but other options with a low (less than the 20% standard down payment) are available.

Most loans with low down payment require the borrower to have good income and excellent credit. Most will also require insurance against default. Speak to the financing experts at Mortgage Loans Alberta to discuss your mortgage needs.



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Home Loans Alberta

We are the specialist in hard to place mortgages. We sit down with you to look at your income, debt, expenses and down payment then work on finding you a lender that will offer you financing at a preferred rate.

We can even help you improve your credit score to make the loan approval process easier. Our services are free and confidential – so call us for all your mortgage financing needs.

Looking for a vacation home mortgage? Learn more about cottage mortgages.

No Source of Income Loans

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