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Looking for a second mortgage?

Jim Black and his team of refinancing professionals at Mortgage Loans Alberta can help you with your borrowing needs. There are many reasons people may want a second mortgage.

Homeowners may want to borrow against their home equity to finance a large purchase, renovate their home, pay for education, invest the money or pay down high interest debts.

Whatever your reasons are, Jim Black and his team can provide you with a confidential consultation to review your options. A second mortgage can provide you with a loan at a lower interest rate than non-secured loans. You make payments to your second mortgage on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis – as per your mortgage terms.

We can also show you other refinancing alternatives to a second mortgage. You may be eligible to refinance your first mortgage for a higher amount and get the lowest mortgage interest rates available. A home equity loan may also be an option – especially if you want the loan for a shorter period of time.

Don’t need all the money at once? A secured line of credit lets you borrow, pay back and borrow again as needed. You only make payments and pay interest on the amount you have borrowed.


Hard to place Mortgages

We work with lenders all across Canada and have access to products not always available to the general public.
Poor Credit
Even if you have been turned down by the banks, we have lenders with lending criteria to increase your options and get you the financing you need. We help you improve your credit score and shop your loan over many different lenders, but you only have to fill out one credit application.
Self Employed Mortgage
You don’t fit the work mold, so why should your mortgage? We have lenders that understand the needs of the self-employed. We work to find you the best mortgage products for your lifestyle.
Mortgage Refinancing
Whether you are looking for a larger mortgage, a lower rate, or to add a line of credit, we can help you review your best options for mortgage refinancing.

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Call us for a second mortgage in Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Blairmore, Taber, Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Jasper, Banff, Raymond and other areas of Alberta.

Contact us to set up a consultation. We will go through your finances and discuss the best options for your current and future needs, as well as your personal preferences.

Our services are always free to the borrower, and we have access to almost a hundred lenders throughout Canada to find you the best terms and rates.

Credit Score

Find out more about your mortgage credit score and why it is so important.