Buying a New Home in Alberta?

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New Home Construction Mortgage

There are many wonderful new communities going up in Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Grand Prairie and other parts of Alberta. You may be looking to purchase a home in a developed sub division, or to build a custom home with a local builder on your property.

Whether you have already purchased your new home or are thinking of putting in an offer for one, we can help you to get the best package on your mortgage and understand the many options available to you.

New Home Mortgage

New homes have many advantages, including updated design, new and improved features and better energy efficiency. However, some buyers underestimate the cost to finish the home after they buy it from the builder.   

The price you pay rarely includes all that you need, and the amount you need to spend may easily increase as you add your finishing touches.

You may need to purchase extras including landscaping, lighting, window coverings, paint, trim, fencing and more. This can be included in your mortgage. We can help you estimate your closing, carrying and home improvement costs to determine the amount you will need for your home loan.


Home Construction Financing

Build your dreams – finance your future home

Mortgage broker in Alberta, Canada

Several financing options, besides a larger mortgage, are available including a home equity loan or secured line of credit.

We can discuss all your financing needs before you buy the home, or we can arrange extra financing if you have already purchased your new home.

Learn your mortgage options for a fixed, variable or hybrid rate; choose a suitable mortgage payment period (monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, accelerated) and qualify for affordable payments within your budget. 

We can guide you through the changing conditions in the current mortgage market and make recommendations to help you avoid the pitfalls when buying a new home. 

Call us when you are thinking about a move to get pre-approved before the house building process begins.    We are Alberta’s Construction mortgage experts!



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New home build in Alberta Canada
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Mortgage Loans Alberta is backed by the power of Dominion Lending Centres, so we have access to hundreds of lending products across Canada from big banks, credit unions, private lenders, trust companies and more.

We can get you quickly approved with our industry leading mortgage tools and years of experience in the Alberta new home market as well as the resale housing market.

Jim Black and his team can help you find the best deal on a new home loan in Alberta.  We offer professional guidance to help you choose the right mortgage before you close. 

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