Consolidate Debts

Lower monthly payments and save money on interest.
debt consolidation in Alberta, Canada with Jim Black and his mortgage team.
Secured Home lOans

Do you have credit card or other high interest debt? Some credit or store cards can charge as much as 30% per annum! If you spending money on high interest for unsecured debts, put your home to work for you and save money on interest charges.

With a secured loan, you can pay off the higher interest debts and consolidate your payments into one simple and convenient payment per month. Consolidating debts can also help you if you are having trouble with cash flow and are falling short each month, since your one loan payment will usually be lower than your current combined payments.

Debt Consolidation Team

Get a line of credit to consolidate debt in Alberta, Canada including Red Deer, Edmonton, Banff, Calgary and Lethbridge.An accredited mortgage professional, like Jim Black of Mortgage Loans Alberta, can help you understand all your options and choose the solution that is best for you.

You can get a home equity loan, home equity line of credit, a second mortgage or refinance your mortgage.

It does not matter who your original mortgage is with, we can help you with your debt consolidating needs.


Line Of Credit

Secured Financing

Get secured low interest loans using your home as collateral.

Mortgage broker in Alberta, CanadaDebt consolidation has been increasing in Canada with more homeowners taking advantage of the low interest rates available for mortgages. Loans secured against your house are considered low risk by lenders.

The idea is to take the low interest secured loan and pay off high interest debts, saving thousands in interest.

However, you want to be cautious with spending and not run up the debt again, but use the additional cash flow each month to pay down your secured loan faster.

Let us put our experience to work for you and show you how to get debt free sooner.




Debt Consolidation

Low interest rates

There are also other reasons that people borrow against their mortgage besides debt consolidating.

Some may want to make a big purchase, do home renovations, pay for college, take a trip, make investments or other reasons. Call us today to get started on your plans with sage financial advice.


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