Banks Turned You Down ?

Mortgage credit scores are important to lenders and bad credit can hamper your ability to get a home loan in Alberta.
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We work for you to find you a lender

If you have poor credit and have been turned down for a mortgage, call Mortgage Loans Alberta.

Through our Dominion Lending Centres broker, we work with almost 100 lenders across Canada including banks, finance companies, credit unions and private lenders. We are the specialists for hard to place mortgages.

Mortgage Experts on your Side

We work for you, not the lenders, to give you professional, unbiased advice. You only fill out one application and we pull one credit report, then shop it over banks, financial institutions, trust companies and credit unions.

We will sit down with you in a free and confidential consultation to discuss your situation and your options. We look at your credit report and give you tips and advice for improving your score and options for financing.


Improve Your Mortgage Credit Score

We understand the lending criteria from different lenders

Mortgage broker in Alberta, CanadaThere are ways to get mortgage approvals when traditional methods do not work.

We can go over your options including increasing your down payment, working to improve your credit score, taking a higher interest loan for a term while you improve your credit score, using your RRSP and other investments and more.

Real estate is one of the main ways homeowners in Alberta build financial wealth and security. Call us to help you get a home mortgage loan – even with bad credit.

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Home Loans Alberta

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Private Mortgage Lenders Alberta

Even when banks and mortgage lending institutions turn you down, there are private lenders willing to finance residential mortgages and even commercial mortgages.

Private lenders establish their own lending requirements, and often accept applicants that the banks turn down.

While interest rates are generally higher than the best advertised mortgage rates, we can help you get the financing you need. It is one option available when you have bad credit or a past bankruptcy. Call us for a free evaluation.


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