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ATB Financial Mortgage Loan

Why not get the Best of Both Worlds? Get the best ATB mortgage loan and a free consultation wth a professional mortgage broker in Alberta. 

Have an independent Mortgage Associate work hard on your deal to get you the best term, package and rate on your mortgage.

All for FREE! 

Let us place your mortgage with a trusted Chartered Bank or Credit Union.  We can do that for you!

ATB Financial offers mortgages in Alberta with over 160 branches and 654,000+ customers.  ATB Financial is now the largest Alberta based financial institution and we are proud to offer their mortgage products as part of our line of solid Canadian lenders.

ATB mortgages include:

ATB Financial Alberta Canada home loanFixed-rate mortgages:  With the current low interest rates, most borrowers are choosing fixed rate mortgages and locking into 5 year terms or even longer.  Many homeowners prefer to know exactly how much they will be paying over the mortgage term and choose fixed rate home loans since the payments are consistent. 

There are closed fix-rate or open fixed-rate mortgages available, and we can help you decide which one is right for you.   In addition, we can compare rates with all of our lenders across Canada to find you the best deal – since we work for you – not the banks! 

Variable rate mortgages:  Variable rate mortgages allow you to save money with an interest rate that fluctuates with the low prime lending rate.  If the rate goes down, you will benefit as a large portion of your payment will go towards your principal. 

You could save money on interest payments and pay your mortgage faster. You also have the added flexibility of making an additional payment any time – or even paying the mortgage in full without penalty. 

If you want to convert to another term or lock in a fixed rate, you can do this with ATB’s variable rate mortgage product.

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ATB Financial mortgages in Alberta, Canada

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Don’t Let Your Mortgage Manage You

While low interest rates are very important, it is important to understand your mortgage options and closely look at the terms that come with each lending product. 

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Need flexibility?  Looking to become mortgage free faster? 

We can go through your finances to help understand your current situation and future goals, then do several mortgage calculations so you can choose the home loan you are most comfortable with. 

You will want to choose the ATB mortgage that will suit your needs over the entire term.  You will want your mortgage to be affordable, so we can go over closing and carrying costs, cash back options, lump sum payments, skip-a-payment options and more. 

If you want to pay your mortgage off faster, we can get you on an accelerated payment schedule or on a mortgage that allows pre-payment privileges.

Mortgages in Alberta

As part of Dominion Lending Centers, we have tremendous flexibility and access to many different lending products. 

You fill out one simple application and have one credit report pulled, then we can do the rest – keeping your goals in mind.  We work for you – not the lenders – to save you money and help you avoid costly mistakes. 

You could save thousands in interest – all at no cost to you.  We can compare your options and see if an ATB mortgage is right for you.